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February 5, 2010
just received a great testimony - "My neice had left her husband to live in a drug house. I began to use the principles in your book to break satan's power over her. I went to see her on a Thursday, she did not want me there and asked that I not pray for her. On the way home from work the following day I began to bind the strong man in her mind. The next morning (Saturday) she was home. She came to church with us on Sunday and was gloriously SAVED!!! She told me she was in a fog but it lifted on Friday! She has been hook on prescription pills since the 7th grade!" Our loved ones are bound by Satan, we MUST pray to break that hold and they WILL come to Christ!
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December 27, 2009
I received a copy of this book as a gift for Christmas, and its been a wonderful blessing to me. I was already drafting a list of souls to travail for upon reading the first chapter. And immediatelt grabed a copy from for my friends. Great testimonies,... And already started binding the strongman in the minds of unsaved friends and relatives.

Your book is a MUST READ/STUDY! for every christian.

God bless PEL Minustries.
carol i. Post
September 10, 2009
It was blessing to get to hear you speak last night at UBC. This book is an amazing tool, I have been using it since I found it at church..about 5 year ago and now I pass it to everyone and keep it all over the house...I truly believe that everyone should be using this book, it would make their prayers more powerful..and isnt that what we all are Pray for the Lost...Thank you again for listening to the HOLY SPIRIT in writing this book..all I can say is AWESOME
Carol I
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September 9, 2009
I believe this is the clearest and to the point instructions available in print on how to pray for unbelievers. Every thought and opinion has a proof text backing up the statement. Keep the faith and fight the good fight.
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September 9, 2009
Our son had ordered books - he did and evangelism class using them - they went to downtown Peoria and have seen several come to Christ! The book is such an encouragment.
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September 9, 2009
My son had done drugs half of his life, from age 14 to 28 and is now a completely changed person. We don't even recognize him anymore. He is a new creature in Christ.

The part that changed me is from chapter 3 which reads: "Our primary motive in praying for the lost must be for God's glory. But many times our motives are poisoned with pride and selfishness. Parents may be praying for their 'black sheep' out of pride for the family name without even realizing their motive is impure."

That, unfortunately, described me before I received your correction and God's forgiveness. I had no idea that a wrong motive could keep my prayers from being answered. The group of women I teach each week, is also seeing how important proper prayer is and we are praying collectively for each others one person to come to Christ.
Loveland CO
melissa r. Post
July 31, 2009
Dear Pastor Thomas,
I want to personally thank you for coming to Faith Baptist Church in Frankfort, KY on 7/24/09. Your ministry is truly a blessing. The sermon made me think of things I had never considered before about prayer. I immediately started praying "effectively" for my lost sister who may have cancer. This past Sunday I was anointed in her place at church and that same day we actually got together and had lunch . This was amazing because we rarely ever even talk and only see each other on holidays. Anyways, I told her about praying for her and she actually broke down and cried and told me she loved me. I will never give up praying for her or anyone else that's lost and thanks to your book and sermon I feel more confident that God hears my prayers and I can make a difference with my prayers. Thank you so much and I will keep you and your ministry in my prayers.

God bless and keep you safe
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July 24, 2009
The need to remind people to pray for lost people is why we have Lee Thomas come every year to our church to do his 4 hour seminar "Praying Effectively For The Lost". I have watched my only son come to a committed and on fire relationship with Jesus Christ as a result of using the biblical principles put forth in this little yellow book.I highly encourage churches to schedule a seminar. Love In Christ Rev. Raleigh F. Adams Faith Community Church Peru, Indiana
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June 23, 2009
Thank you for this wonderful tool to help us in praying effectively for the lost, our church, as well as ourselves. Our ladies Bible study group started on this book a year ago in April, we now have gone through the book three times and now are starting new groups in surrounding areas. It has made a wonderful difference in our lives. Family members are being saved and our lives have been changed to be more passionate toward God. Thank you doesn't seem to be enough to say, but I want you to know I'm eternally grateful that God gave you the power by which to make these words available to us.
Our prayers include you and your family that you be blessed by the Master in all that you do.

R.H. High Springs FL
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April 30, 2009
Dear Brother Thomas:
"Praying Effectively for the Lost" is one of the most powerful books I have ever or will ever read. After not seeing results from my prayers for lost family m embers, I have been at a point of desperation. I now have renewed hope and knowledge about the weapons at my disposal for spiritual warfare and victory against the enemy. Although the book is a quick and easy read, I found myself having to read a little and then put it down to absorb the principles. Next to my Bible, "Praying Effectively for the Lost" is the most important writing I will ever own. There truly is power in the Word!
Sweet Lake, LA